Weightloss Jar

Weightloss Jar

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Weightloss Botanical + Crystal Jar

This blend is great for helping with weightloss and the journey to a healthy body and mind. 

With Apitite chips, dried Blue Mallow Flower. 

At 5cm high, this unique piece will go perfect in your sacred space or on your Wild Healing shelf. 
If you are one of those people who wish to lose weight but also happen to be big foodies, with very little ability to resist those yummy-licious treats and carb-laden dishes, then this crystal is for you. Blue apatite is known to act as a hunger suppressant, and it reduces your craving for 'unhealthy' food items. The vibration that this crystal emits is known to give a person a sense of clarity in terms of what he/she desires, and increases the determination in the person to achieve their goals. It also raises one's metabolic rate, which again contributes in losing the excessive pounds.