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Upon finding out that a Stromatolite stone is made up of ancient bacteria, you might be inclined to cringe at this fossilized specimen, but there’s much to learn from one of Earth’s first living species. Stromatolite is composed of cyanobacteria. This was one of the prokaryotic species which preceded the eukaryotic bacteria that humanity would eventually evolve from. But...what can you possibly learn from extinct bacteria?! What about how to make life where there was none!

Through connecting to the earthly energy of one of Earth’s first living organisms, you can embrace the power of forging new life for yourself. As you feel the energy of the stromatolite meaning fusing with your root chakra, you may come to better understand the basics of life. Being complex organisms, we humans often riddle ourselves with complex issues.

While we may come to think of these as part of our personality, they can also take on a life of their own, and hold us back from the life we want. If issues like anxiety, past trauma, fear and doubt are clogging your energy, and inhibiting your potential for growth, it’s time to use stromatolite and relate to the simpler life. The survival instinct that a stromatolite stone provides can be very supportive.

Let it be a touchstone when you need strength to pull you through your next endeavor without a breakdown. It will bring you the vitality and abundance in body and mind. That’s one of the reasons that stromatolite is regarded as such a powerful transformation stone. The cyanobacteria that compose stromatolite were essential to evolution on Earth, and they may just be what you need to spark your own personal evolution. Meditate with stromatolite to bring new life to passions young and old. (via energymuse)

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