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Shipping Information

We post orders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All orders within Australia are sent with auspost and include a tracking number.
We offer an Australia Wide flat rate shipping system
0g-2kg $10
2-5kg $15
5kg+ $29.95
(Some times we use a courier for extra large items but we will email you about this).
Express Post ONLY under 2kg $15
****Free Shipping over $100****
This option is for Australia Wide only. 
As stated at checkout, it excludes SHELVES. 
Our shelves incur extra charges due to their large size. 
If you are purchasing an extremely large order/item, please email us first at wildhealing.info@gmail.com
We post from the Gold Coast using the postal service 'Australia Post'. As we are not auspost employees, it is impossible for us to determine when your item will get to your door step. Your guess is as good as ours. This link is an auspost estimated date of arrival https://m.auspost.com.au/view/delivery
Once your item has been posted, it is out of our control 100%. When we post orders they are packed with bubble wrap on breakables and well prepared for travel. If items are lost or broken, you will need to contact auspost with your tracking number, on 137678. We hold no responsibility for their actions.
By making a purchase through our website, you agree that if items are lost or broken, Australia Post is responsible.

International Shipping

International orders can be made via email and an invoice via PayPal will be sent out.

This is so that we are able to personally weigh your order and give you the best price for shipping to your address as a generic system can overcharge on shipping.

Please Include in your email:

•Full Name

•Postal Address 

•Mobile Number

•PayPal Email

•Products in Order

(Sku numbers or screen shots)

Send to - wildhealing.info@gmail.com



We offer a 6 month lay-by term
15% initial payment to secure it
$50 minimum order
No discount codes can be used
NO fees
NO fixed payments
All payments made are final and non refundable
If you start a layby, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions
To START a lay-by please email us the following information
-Full name
-Phone number
-Postal Address
-Your order, including SKU numbers of each product
You will recieve an invoice at the start and end of your layby.
Payments are made via direct deposit only and you must use your invoice number as reference with each payment.


Skincare Information and Care 

Our skincare is made with 100% raw organic ingredients,

They should be kept out of direct sunlight and refridgerate in hot weather conditions.

Use within 4 months of recieving the item.

Always leave lid on and closed between uses.

Always patch test beauty products, keep away from eyes and do not ingest.




When do you restock your Crystals

We try to restock our healing crystals as often as we can.

Usually once a fortnight on a Saturday.

You can check our instagram for the current stock update date, along with sneak peeks at whats to come.


If you want a certain crystal, email us at wildhealing.info@gmail.com and let us know.


Stockist Enquiry

So you've decided to stock our products, congratulations!!

We would love to hear from you, please email us at wildhealing.info@gmail.com

Please include detailed information about your business and why you'd like to stock our products.



 We love getting our products out there and well known through promoters.

 We appreciate formal emails and to not be contacted through social media as we may not see it.

If you are 18+ years old and have 5000+ active followers on any social media site then we would love for you to contact us!

Email wildhealing.info@gmail.com

Please include in your email

-A little about you?

-How did you find out about our business?

-Have you used our products before?

-What is your usual skincare routine at the moment? (Eg. Cleanser, toner, moisturise daily, salt scrub once a week, clay mask once a week, don't use anything on your skin etc)

-Which product/s do you want to promote and why?

-Whats your skin type?

-What social media sites do you use? Your usernames and number of followers of each.

-Your full name and postal address?


My Order Hasn’t Arrived?!

Oh no!

Has it been 10 (20 for international) business days since you recieved your 'Shipped' email?

You would have received your tracking number via email, please check to see where your item is. If it says delivered but isn't in your hands, please contact Australia Post with your tracking number as reference.

International orders may not have a tracking number provided if you did not purchase it at checkout.


If you haven't received your tracking number via email yet, please email us promptly and we will track down your tracking number.


Top 10 Chemicals found in your everyday skincare 

1) Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, and Ethyl Paraben- Some combination of  these synthetic ingredients are in almost EVERY skin and hair product made today.  Widely known to be highly toxic and cause allergic/skin reactions. Companies use this dangerous ingredient, because it is extremely cheap and extends the shelf life of the product by inhibiting microbial growth.


2)  Propylene Glycol -This Petroleum by-product is a synthetic ingredient used as a humectant. Also used as an INDUSTRIAL ANTI-FREEZE to de-ice airplanes!!!  This toxic ingredient causes many allergic reactions.  Research data states that through skin contact it can cause "liver abnormalities and kidney damage."


3) DMDM Hydrantoin - A Petro-chemical used as an ANTI-FREEZE in cars.


4)  Sodium Laurel Sulfate - This highly toxic synthetic substance (used for foaming abilities) causes urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections, genital disorders, eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, scalp scurf similar to dandruff, and allergic reactions.


5)  Synthetic Colors - Labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color number such as FD&C Red 6. These highly toxic substances are usually coal-tar based and have been linked as cancer causing agents.


6) Synthetic Fragrances - Most Products will simply say "Fragrance" which means any combination of the cheapest 200 synthetic, toxic ingredients the company can find.  Causes headaches, dizziness, rashes, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritations etc...


7)  Triethanolamine (TEA)/Diethanolamine (DEA) - Used to adjust the pH balance, but toxic and causes eye problems, and dryness of skin and hair.  DEA has been linked with kidney, liver and other organ damage according to several government-funded research.  One study found  that the topical application of DEA in rodents resulted in anemia, kidney degeneration, and nerve damage to the brain and spinal cord. (Melnick et al., 1994) Even more disturbing was that several animals died before the study ended. Approximately 200 million pounds of DEA are produced annually in the U.S., most of which goes into personal care products. (USITC, 1990).


8) Imidazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea - Used as a a preservative, but a primary cause of contact dermatitis.  You might see these toxic chemicals under the names Germall II and Germall 115, which release formaldehyde at just over 10°.


9)  Behentrimonium Chloride - Toxic ammonia compound.  Ingestion can be fatal.  Concentrations as low as0.1% can be irritating to the eyes and cause necrosis (tissue death) of mucus membranes.


10)  Titanium, Zirconium, Benzalkonium, Bismuth, Antimony (*1), Barium (*2), Aluminum, Tin, Chromium, Benzene & PCBs. - According to Dr. Hulda Reghi Clark, all of these ingredients are extremely dangerous. *1 - Breast cancer cases show Titanium, Zirconium, Benzalkonium, Bismuth, Antimony, and Aluminum accumulation in the breast. *2 -Barium is described in the Merck Index as a "caution". ALL water or acid soluble Barium is POISONOUS! 10ed. P.139, 1983.


Why should I choose Organic Skincare over the cheaper alternatives?

Organic beauty products are better for your skin!!

What you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body. Organic products are made with ingredients that are grown free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms. They also don’t include harmful additives such as petroleum waxes, fillers and artificial chemicals. Simply put, organic products are completely healthy and natural, synthetic alternatives are not.

 Organic beauty products work better!!

Think of beauty products like food. In today’s world, there are a lot of synthetic, or “fake” ingredients used in food processing. But if you go to a high-end restaurant, you generally won’t find “fake” ingredients on the menu. Top chefs know that creating a top-quality meal requires top-quality ingredients. They don’t use artificial flavors in their cooking, because real spices and fresh herbs create a finer, more exquisite taste. Producing a beauty product is not much different. Organic beauty products work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients.


Organic beauty products are better for the environment!!

Organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, all of which have a destructive effect on our water, soil and health. Organic plants are also grown without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as they may pose a significant threat to both human and environmental health. Therefore, through looking out for your own health, you’re also helping to protect our fragile ecosystem. That is what they call a “win-win” situation. 

Local pick up and showroom information


We are 100% online

This is how we keep our prices low

We do offer local pick up from Willow Vale QLD


If you would like to come browse our current Crystal stock, please email us and we can organise this.



While we’re blessed with the most incredible crystals and minerals, please be aware, there’re loads of fakes too. When I say “fakes”, I’m referring to enhanced or flat out man made “crystals”. (cough cough, glass).  ...So, were looking at three groups:

Natural: (High energy and vibration) 
Natural crystals are formed in our earth over millions of years without human intervention. 

Enhanced or Altered: (Some energy and vibration) 
“Enhanced” crystals are naturally formed. However, they have been artificially coloured or altered, giving them a super saturated colour. You may even spot dye sitting in cracks of the stone. They still hold energy and vibration, but due to being tampered with. It may not be as strong/ pure as it once was. 

Fake: (Zero energy and vibration)
Fake crystals are man made, in a lab ..out of glass or synthetics. Usually flawless, cheaper, super saturated and at room temperature. 
Some examples are: 
Agate - Dyed (Enhanced)
The agate slices, geodes and mini caves we so often see in vibrant pinks, purples, blues and green are injected with dye. True agate comes in natural colours, browns, greys and soft blues.

Aura or Titanium Crystals - (Enhanced) 
Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Opal Aura, Sunset Aura, Titanium Aura... Just some of the names given to a type of treated quartz. Whereby precious, semi precious and trace metals have bonded to the surface of the crystal in a vacuum chamber, creating the iridescent metallic sheen. 

Bismuth - (Man Made)
Bismuth crystals are crystals that have been manufactured. 
Cool fact though, due to the relatively low melting point of the metal, you can buy solid blocks of bismuth + form your own crystals at home. 

Citrine - Heat treated (Enhanced) 
The most common citrine I see in shops is actually heat treated amethyst. 
I'm referring to the really bright orange clusters. Often on a pure white, brittle base.
Genuine citrine is actually a lemon, honey/ brown colour, much harder to acquire and much more expensive.  

Dalmatian Stone - Dyed (Enhanced)

The pale grey, or beige-brown Dalmatian Stone (sometimes referred to as Dalmatian Jasper) is natural. However, if you see any deep purples, blues, greens or reds, unfortunately they have been dyed.  

Green Phantom Quartz - Man made (Fake)
Phantom quartz (A crystal that forms over pre-existing crystals) do exist, so spotting a fake can be tough. The type I'm referring to, are the bright clusters with vibrant green tips, usually a few main points and loads of tiny crystals coating each point. They are completely man made. ..If you are lucky enough to come across a natural green phantom quartz cluster, you will know, it will be very expensive! 

Goldstone - Man made (Fake)
Goldstone is a bad imitation of sunstone.
100% man made. Dyed glass and synthetics with copper fibres suspended inside. 
Some would argue that because copper was created by the earth, its not completely "fake". In my opinion, lab made = fake! 
Blue Goldstone - Man made (Fake)
Same deal as the goldstone, this is just another dyed version. 

Howlite - Dyed (Enhanced) 
True howlite is a soft white, with grey/black veins throughout. Not vibrant blues, pinks, purples or greens ...These are dyed. 
Often sellers try pass dyed howlite as turquoise. If your "Turquoise" seems too cheap, its probably this stone. Another way to test, is chip the stone, if it's white inside. you have a fake. 

Obsidian - Dyed (Enhanced)
Don't get confused, there are natural obsidian. Rainbow, Black and Mahogany, to name a few. But if you ever see bright colours like green, blue or yellow (mostly in see-through tumbles). They are fake, man made glass. 
They have no crystalline structure and hold no energy. 

Opalite - Man Made (Fake) 
Opalite is a man made glass that has been chemically enhanced for its sheen.

Smelt Quartz - Man Made (Fake)
Not quartz at all. Also referred to as "blue quartz" and "strawberry quartz". (Not to be confused with hematite included quartz)  



It's mega important to cleanse your crystals, many people don't know this, but crystals absorb + maintain all kinds of energies, so keeping them in sync with yours, is key. 

Here are some of my favourite methods of cleansing: 

  • Smudging
    Light your smudge stick + gently wave it over your crystals, allowing the smoke to pass through. You can smudge with white sage, palo santo, incense + other sacred herbs. 
  • Running Water 
    Simply hold your crystals under a stream of water. I like to do this in rivers or waterfalls when I can. 
    (Please ensure your crystal is safe to use in water, some minerals will dissolve. so lets try avoid that.) 
  • Singing Bowl
    One of my faves, sound vibrations. . Use a crystal or Tibetan singing bowl or even a chime to cleanse your crystals with sound vibrations. 
  • Moonlight
    And of course, the crowd favourite, a full moon. Placing your crystals either directly under the full moon or on a windowsill, should do the trick.   

No matter the reason for having your crystals, its good to cleanse, on the regular. Keep your intentions clear & manifest! x