Small Mystery Tarot Deck
Small Mystery Tarot Deck

Small Mystery Tarot Deck

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~78 poker sized tarot cards (measuring 2.5"x3.5" printed on 305gsm black-core matte card stock with UV coating)

~14 page guide BOOKLET  

~FLAT box that both deck and book fit in


The Small Mysteries Tarot Deck is one that uses simple and potent imagery of fruits and flowers and herbs, of reptiles and insects to portray the traditional tarot deck of Major and Minor Arcana.


The Small Mysteries Deck also explores the relationship between the Arcana and Astrology, linking the cards to astral bodies in order to give a more rounded understanding of the position of the cards.  


Tarot has been used for centuries as a divination tool to make clear what remains hidden, a way to shine a light upon a path. Like an old friend it can me a source of reassurance and encouragement yet also tell you the things that you need to know and the things you have been avoiding. The tarot teaches us about ourselves as much as it can show is paths and possibilities.